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Natural stone brings elegance to your environment, on top of increasing the value of your property. Resilient, multifunctional and offered in a variety of colors, it is used for the creation of retaining walls, stairs, entrances, patios, ponds, fire pits and much more. Let us create for you a design that is unique and custom-built based on your needs and aspirations.

This Gallic inspired entrance uses an actual menhir stone to create a point of focus in the landscaping design.

The use of natural stone in this superb stairway made it regain its importance in this landscaped area. Wow, what more could we say!

This carved stone and natural wood stairway offers a relaxing look, not to mention a long-lasting durability.

This carved stone stairway with natural wood make for a zen and inspiring design.

This carved stone stairway offers a spectacular descent and an efficient use of the space in a confined area.

This wall made of large stone and its dry stream allows for a harmonious separation of the space.

Low wall made of carved slate will help take you away to a world of relaxation and beauty.

This stone wall does a great job of concealing the visual drawbacks of a culvert.

This natural stone patio with fire pit allows you to enjoy your evenings in a festive and relaxing ambiance.

Personalize your natural stone patio with the unique look of a geometric shape or a mosaic.

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