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Garden and cascade

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The Zen and upscale atmosphere that exudes from a water garden is undeniable. Whether you are a commercial spa or simply a business wishing to stand out, we will create a prestige space according to your ambitions: with or without water cascades, pools, waterfalls and aquatic plants.

The noble Zen character of this spa - made entirely of natural stones - promises an incomparable relaxation experience.

The surging chute of this natural stone wall makes us want to throw ourselves in the water!

The combination of natural stones, cascades and water plants of this spa give us an unrivalled getaway.

Natural stone is used for the sake of aesthetics
and sustainability.

The combination of materials used for this spa provides a more Zen atmosphere.

The contour in natural stone of this pool provides a
timeless stamp.

Using large stones enables effective segmenting of the various zones of this relaxation area.

The use of natural stone and unistone provides durability and beautiful geometric creativity at the floor and stairs.

These falls flow through a solid installation made of natural stone that summon people to relax.

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